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Restoring a Kitchen Knife


I was given this old kitchen knife, probably used for carving. It was pretty rusty and need some serious TLC. The handle was old and cracked and the blade was hollowed out from years of use.

Rusty Kitchen Knife1

The handle was a pain to get off, but with some gentle (or maybe not so gentle) persuasion with a hammer and screwdriver it decided to let go. I did want to re-use the handle but I couldn’t as it was pretty mangled.

Taking the handle off

I decided to use some old recycled pallet wood for the handle, it was a non-treated hard wood pallet of some sort.

Apologies for the poor quality photos.

tracing the handle

I used a flap disk on an angle grinder to do the rough shaping and then moved it onto the belt grinder. I think maybe a belt sander would have done a better job. But the belt attachment is new so I wanted to use it :) I also used it for grinding the bevel free hand. I would like to make or purchase a tool rest but I can’t find one that suits.

basic shaping

I used Araldite to glue the handle on and finished it with beeswax and mineral oil.

The first belt I used was too rough, I should have just used the 120 belt.

Grinding the edge

I think it turned out pretty nice with the pallet handle. Don’t you?

P1080061 P1080064 P1080066 P1080067


Butchering My First Rabbit


We have some friends that come to our family Bible study who breed meat rabbits.
I have always wanted to try rabbit, so I decided to buy one and do all the butchering myself.
I have butchered lots of chickens, 1 fish and 1 eel. So I have a little bit of experience but not with rabbit.
I watched a few videos on YouTube and read up how best to dispatch them.
Its one of those jobs that you just have to go and do. Procrastination doesn’t ever help :)
I used the broom stick method, you put the broom handle behind the rabbits head and step on it and pull its hind legs to break its neck. Its not physically hard to do, but mentally it is. Some things are like that. Then I slit its throat to let the blood drain out and hung it up on a tree.

It took me about 1/2 an hour to get the skinning and gutting done, I’m not very efficient at it :)